Lumini The Ephemerids

lumini-coverAndi Lumini : Labro Wallpaper DownloadLabro’s captivating new series of works entitled “LUMINI – The Ephemerides”. We see the continuation of his stunning vision and revelation of Universal Astral Synchronicity transformed into a visual rebirth of the present which heralds the promise of a reawakened enlightened future, Labro’s vibrant, abstract style creates a visually mesmerizing experience that inspires the mind and reaches deep within the emotion of the viewer.

Using the human flesh as his canvas, ancient symbols and images, he touches the primal force of nature, we are given not only a visual piece to admire, but are taken on a journey that touches our subconscious and stirs the collective memory that takes us to the dawn of existence.

© Sophie Dali 2013




Labro’s Mandriana Lumini


Throughout the ages humans have found a release of expression through art. Whether the viewer finds it enchanting, disturbing or compelling, we find the beauty within art through the study of aesthetics. This particular piece instantly immerses the viewer into a set of questions: what is its story? How was it captured? And what is the message of this art piece?

The theme of this print and many others of Labro’s works would be the Maltese Goddess of Fertility. However, this particular one takes it further as there is the hint of equilibrium between the two bodies, representing the serenity and equality of the spiritual beings.

This art piece has been created through photography, and is the transposition of Labro’s paintings on to the live, human body. It’s as though Labro has projected his two-dimensional style straight on to the contoured human figures, taking advantage of the curves and features of the model.

Here Labro tries to achieve the same sense of preserved beauty as Picasso. ‘The Mystery of Picasso’ is a 1956 French documentary film about the artist Pablo Picasso, showing him in the act of creating paintings just for the camera. Most of the paintings were subsequently destroyed so that they would exist only on film. In a similar way, Labro creates his distinct unique artwork on the models, knowing that it will eventually be washed off, lost forever.

The enigmatic geometry of the goddesses’ poses reflect the positioning of the Pleiades constellation, echoing the higher spirituality the artist wants to reveal. At times, it could be passed as an optical illusion, as the strong stance of the lower model could be mistaken as legs, and the head seems as though it is a birthing baby, while the upper part could be taken as the torso of the ‘goddess’. This symbolises the goddess of fertility. We see the lower body as a strong structure supporting the one above, who looks comfortable and serene. This could entail the two sides to the female race, both as the support and as the graceful muse. This fact is also reproduced when considering the two contrasting colours, the warmth of the red colours against the cool, nearly-alien blue. Both facial expressions are pure and relaxed, yet not pensive; both their eyes are closed, giving the impression they are either dreaming or meditating.

The colours produced are due to a phosphorescent pigment in the body paint. This allows the models to literally glow in complete darkness, without the need of Ultra Violet light. This medium has only been acknowledged in Labro’s artworks, making him an innovator. The fact that the background is dark emphasises the two goddesses’ importance, in fact no part of the owed body is seen, giving the impression they are either being sucked  in to the darkness, lost in time or emerging from it as the upper being, for eternity.

The modern day artist, Labro, is inspired by the Goddess of Fertility and the anthropological history of the Maltese Islands from thousands of years before Christ. Today he continues to find a release of expression through his art, finding satisfaction through astonishing his audience.

© Lola Labro 2015

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