Lumini The Ephemerids

lumini-coverAndi Lumini : Labro Wallpaper DownloadLabro’s captivating new series of works entitled “LUMINI – The Ephemerides”. We see the continuation of his stunning vision and revelation of Universal Astral Synchronicity transformed into a visual rebirth of the present which heralds the promise of a reawakened enlightened future, Labro’s vibrant, abstract style creates a visually mesmerizing experience that inspires the mind and reaches deep within the emotion of the viewer.

Using the human flesh as his canvas, ancient symbols and images, he touches the primal force of nature, we are given not only a visual piece to admire, but are taken on a journey that touches our subconscious and stirs the collective memory that takes us to the dawn of existence.

© Sophie Dali 2013

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