Lumina Del Futuro

Lumina Del Futuro

Labro’s “Lumina Del Futuro” Collection was first exhibited in Bello Horizonte (Brazil) in 2010

Within all the works showcased in this collection Labro has brought not only visions of beauty, but also the promise of our dawning future. Surreal, vibrant, captivating and complex, the viewer is given an experience that goes far beyond the norm. We are given images that reawaken us, recall within our long sleeping minds the path we once strayed from and the urgency that we make our way back. The answers are there, it is up to us to open our eyes, hearts and minds to receive them. Rafael Labro, with his unlimited talent and mind, has made the possibility to do so a beautiful, enlightening journey.

Dissipation 2 Tree of Life Oscillation 1
Astral Buddha Honshu Dragon Constellation
Castor and Polux Dreaming Meissa
Oscillation 2 Agharta


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