Labro Video

All clips are included in the Labro Neo Psychedelist DVD

Labro Lamina Exhibition – War Shelters Gozo

“Labro is taking us not only to the origin of everything, but flinging us deep into the universe and beyond.” © Sophie Dali 2013

Labro Paris Collection ~ Lamina in the War Shelters Gozo

One steps into an avatar through history and time, with Labro’s Moon Goddesses and Atlantis legends, a truly exceptional experience, an exhibition to be seen in one’s lifetime” Claude Camilleri …

Swimming in Time Space Equilibrium by Rafael Labro Neo Psychedelic Artist

Labro’s creations from autumn 2012, Lona Misa, Orphea and Swimming in Time Space Equilibrium, part of Divinia Valletta collection. Original sound track I dance naked from Astral Satellite Orchestra

Breaking News : LABRO Master of the Future

 5th January 2013 Special Acclaim Award Malta International (105 countries) Art Biennale 2013 to Rafael Labro

Modern Masters : Labro – Divinia, Neo-psychedelism modern art exhibition, War Shelters Gozo

DIVINIA exhibition from Rafael Labro. A contemporary art exhibition at the War Shelters Gozo, where visitors are invited to enter the visionary world of Rafael Labro in a fusion of three light waves.

Modern Masters : Rafael Labro – Documentary – Lumina Del Futuro Contemporary Art Exhibition

Within all the works showcased in this collection Labro has brought not only visions of beauty, but also the promise of our dawning future. Surreal, vibrant, captivating and complex, the viewer is …

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