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sunscapelabroThe paintings of Rafael Labro

We could probably have only a partial picture of the painting of Rafael Labro if we’re not looking at all of his artistic research. Through his early photography and commonalities between all stages, sensuality and poetry.

These two parameters have always fueled his creations and were even the pillars. From the first picture to the last painting: female beauty, charm, warmth, cosmos, sun, spontaneous emotion, imagination and freedom reign supreme. They occupy the look, so thanks to the colours, to forms or themes. Often, if not always, women are the main actors, whether unknown encountered randomly, his own friends, models with whom he has long worked or characters from mythology. Recent body paintings confirm the persistence of this trend, as the characters of some paintings from several series.

So while I was at one of his recent exhibitions in Paris, I found the soul of the artist on the canvas, as I discovered while watching the huge format photographic expressionist 90s Labro.  Artistic adventure remains the same. The only difference is the tool, holder, but the intention is intact. Digital Expressionism Raphael Labro 90s foreshadowed colour, freedom and sensuality.

The freshness of a work of light, solar impulses, positive vibes terrestrial or cosmic, an invitation to travel to the direct emotion, at first glance, that’s what Labro has always given; that’s what I kept. He has listened to his instincts with total freedom, whether formal or technical, leading, perhaps unwittingly, to homogeneity in a single directly perceptible vibration and felt by the viewer.

Alain Groetzinger, friend of the artist October 12, 2014

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