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Labro Malta Retro Futura

27 February to 22 March  2015


Born in 1956, Labro had his first exhibition at 16. He has exhibited in Miami, Paris, Hong-Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, London, Hamburg, Malta, Cannes and continues to exhibit his artwork on the International Art scene. Seemingly psychedelic, his artwork is a celebration of spiritual freedom, that shows a world in change, living, breathing and in constant motion.

Labro creates meaningful spontaneous expressions of the Universe. Signaling change and awakening with his integration of ancient symbology paired with ultra modern hyper surrealism. Labro’s strong ability to communicate in the universal language of art is what earns him the right to be called the “Techno-poet / Cosmic-Rimbaud of the Visual Arts.” ~ Jean-Louis Varo

“I tried to reach a new intensity in this experiment, to better enjoy the forms and symbolism that I feel and depict. Like magic, through the different frequencies of light I bring you to other vibrations; to another summit.” ~ Labro 2014


Labro Interview 22nd February 2015


Concept Art Miami

Labro latest USA collection 2014



Labro is boarding the Mega Super Yacht Seafair, located in the heart of downtown Miami at Bayfront Park overlooking Biscayne Bay. Labro is boarding the Mega Super Yacht Seafair, located in the heart of downtown Miami at Bayfront Park overlooking Biscayne Bay. The occasion, CONCEPT ART MIAMI 2014, focuses on blue chip modern master works and contemporary art.  Download Free PDF Labro Miami Catalog 2014



Art Riga 2014

Labro European Capital collection


Sapphira by Labro

Glimpse to Labro latest spring collection 2015


The freshness of a work of light, solar impulses, positive vibes terrestrial or cosmic, an invitation to travel to the direct emotion, at first glance, that’s what Labro has always given; that’s what I kept. Labro listen to his instincts with total freedom, whether formal or technical, leading, perhaps unwittingly, to homogeneity in a single directly perceptible vibration and felt by the viewer. ~ Alain Groetzinger 2014

Lumini Body Art by Labro

UV Collection 2014

Lumini Live Body Art by Labro © 2014

Lumini Live Body Art by Labro © 2014

Sep 5  to Sep 9 2014
Ramla, Gozo


Surreal, captivating and complex. The viewer is given an experience beyond the norm  ~ Sophie Dali

Salsamia by Artist Labro

Summer Collection 2014

As one of the artists involved in the SunScape Festival  in Ramla Bay Gozo between the 5th and 8th September 2014, Labro will present a special selection of Salsamia at the SunScape Festival in Gozo


Latest news from 15th of August: Terribly sorry! The war shelters are being restored for the next couple of weeks. So only until then, can you again appreciate the Experimental Labro Artorium for Metaphysical Matters and Antimatters of Rafael Labro within a fusion of 3 light frequencies. (See Collection from the Shelters)


SALSAMIA accentuates through Labro’s keen eye the profound relationship between mankind, the earth and the universe that surrounds and watches over us represented by the ever serene, ever wise series of dreams become reality. ~ Sophie Dali 2014

“My role as an artist is to place art in direct interaction with all areas of mankind forming society like the metaphysical abstract vision across the Universe is tracking the Great Mother Earth spirit’shadow in liquid hibernation.” ~ Labro 2014

Paris 2013

Lamina by Artist Labro

lamina by Labro

Exhibited at Espace Christiane Peugeot in Paris (France) from 15th to 30th July 2013 and at the War Shelters Cittadella, Gozo from 14th Sep to 31st Oct 2013

Malta Internationale Arts Biennale

Labro once again acclaimed with first prize


“Labro has a similar quality to Picasso, he creates the future, and it is exciting” – Dame Francoise Tempra 2013 (founder-president of the Malta Biennale)

Great Masters of the Future

Mdina Crypt 2013


Featured Works
This modern and contemporary art exhibition is a selection of emerging artists that Gallery Marcoux has retained and made a real honor of the year. The “Great Masters of the Future” features and showcases works by Labro (France), Telin (Russia), Mark Mallia (Malta), Vency (Bulgaria), Bogdan (Bulgaria), Vania Goshe (Bulgaria) and Micko (Serbia).






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