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divinia by LabroDivinia accentuates through Labro's keen eye the profound relationship between mankind, the earth and the universe that surrounds and watches over us represented by the ever serene, ever wise series of dreams be-coming reality. What was a mystery becomes the answer to our enlightenment and the revitalization of life, nature and the universe. A future world not of emptiness, destruction and despair, but of transcendence and joy, a future melding the contrasts of creation and becoming a union of being and senses that breaks free of the conscious mind that is held by the self imposed so-called rational thoughts and fears of it shows the brilliant light of the subconscious overcoming the more re-energized waking mind.

Labro's artistic visions are derived from his frequent travel to the astral plane, his visionary journey to the "real world." ~ "Your corporeal body is not the real You, it's just a shell used to facilitate your real You to be on this planet. Take life for what it really is; things are definitely not as they seem to be whilst within the third dimension. Many real phases of life cannot be known or comprehended until you are "outside" of the earth planetary plane." ~ Labro
Through his precise and brilliant use of ancient symbols and embedding of sacred geometry in his works, we are given not only visual pieces to admire, but are taken on a journey that touches our subconscious and stirs the collective memory that takes us from the dawn of existence to the moment of rebirth.
Within all the artworks showcased in Divinia collection Labro has brought not only visions of beauty, but also the promise of our dawning future. Spiritual, surreal, vibrant, captivating and complex, the viewer is given an experience that goes far beyond the norm. We are given images that reawaken us, recall within our long sleeping minds the path we once strayed from and the urgency that we make our way back. The answers are there, it is up to us to open our eyes, hearts and minds to receive them. Labro, with his unlimited talent and mind, has made the possibility to do so a beautiful, enlightening journey.

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