Digital Expressionism


Labro is the first digital photographer in the world, in 1989 he was approached by Agfa to play with the first scanner and digital printing system from 1989 to 1996.

Here Labro’s TRANSMUATION collection of the Limited Edition of 25 exemplars, 60 cm x 80 cm certified, signed and numbered from 1 to 100.

LABRO Pioneer of the Digital Photography,

Creator of the Digital Expressionism

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“Un grand MERCI… Without them the digital photography won’t be where it’s today” ~ Labro

Venus de LabroThe Venus de Labro, was first presented to the public in 1992 at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France and in 1993 at Parco, Exposure Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. Labro had created this image in Sydney in 1989 and digitalized in 1990 at Agfa Hong Kong. This iconic photograph is the original symbol of Digital Expressionism.

Labro Photos for Sale

  • Only 100 exemplars signed and numbered from 1 to 100
  • 60 x 80 cm Framed and boxed, delivered with certificate.
  • Free Shipping Worldwide

AndroidSemjaseVenus de LabroJoconde de LabroOrpheumHerbe Mauve

Jennyrose Labro “wonderful!!!! your the best raphael..
Dolores Bau “bello!
JungYoun Kim “Awesome!
Esther Trujillo “Uhauuuuuuuuuu. This is an agreeable surprise, is Brilliant
Claire Ciantar “mmmmm! Wow! Inspirational and Mystic!
Chinatsu Ogata “Wow,That’s amazing!
Sandrine Devesa “brilliant, thank you Rafael!
Philippe Sauzedde “Yuahhhhhhhhhhh Tu sais que tu es le meilleur !!!!
Alexa Riesberg “Raphael Du bist einfach brilliant und genial….Kiss you!
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