UV Body Painting ~ ABSOLUT. Labro UV Show

Bold, bright, captivating and psychedelic. Recognized by ABSOLUT. for his innovative body painting live show

Black Hole – Absolut Turn Tonight ElectrikWestin Dragonara, Malta. Friday 4 December Absolut. Labro Show Trailer
Posted by The Black Hole on Friday, 11 December 2015

Produced by The Black Hole
and created by UV Artist Rafael Labro
Absolut Turn Tonight Electrik
Westin Dragonara, Malta.
Posted by The Black Hole on Friday, 4 December 2015

From Petra Soler: ABSOLUT. Malta
Thank you for creating a very special experience for our guests:)

From Martin Peterson: Events by MArtin
Thank you all for attending this special event. It was a wild and somewhat psychedelic night thanks to the amazing Rafael Labro & The Black Hole!

Once again the artwork of Labro returns to Miami

labro-hushLabro (France)

“Once again the artwork of Labro returns to Miami. The works of Labro are truly incredible. El Capitano or El Maestro as most of his art followers are now calling him has created his own unique pigments along the years, his works, come in different shapes and forms, art on canvas that work with different lighting’s, visuals which he remasters and VJ’s with and models which he paints on Live, a trio combination of spectacular color and motion “. Claude Camilleri

Labro stunning vision and revelation of Universal Astral Synchronicity transformed into a visual rebirth of the present which heralds the promise of a reawakened enlightened future.

Labro Interview February 2015


Labro, the French neo expressionist artist and special acclaims winner Malta International Arts Biennale 2013 will be exhibiting ‘Retro Futura’ from next Friday 27th February 2015 at the Gallery, Le Meridien Hotel & Spa, Balluta Bay, St. Julian’s. Here he speaks to Erika Brincat about his life, his work and what to expect from his upcoming exhibition.

Dear Labro,

How did a French artist from Nice like yourself, come to live in Gozo over 10 years ago?
Well there have been lots of places in between. I’ve been traveling since years, but my lovely wife and I were on the lookout for a beautiful home for our children. But since I’ve arrived I’ve been inspired and completely immersed in the historical and spiritual heritage.

Do you find Malta’s sister island an inspirational place to paint?
In the last 3 years, I’ve tried to reach a new intensity in this new experiment of mine, to better enjoy the forms and symbolism that I feel and depict. The first of many inspirations came from exhibiting, to the open public in the mysterious, primeval-looking war shelters, beneath the Citadel in Gozo. Since developing my own luminous paint where my art, like magic, through the different frequencies of light, it brings you to other vibrations; to another summit. The shelters are perfect for demonstrating how each individual art work has 3 paintings within itself, one, in natural daylight, a second under UV light and lastly, glowing in complete darkness for hours on end.

What inspires you exactly – people, places, psychedelic colours?
My dreams, music, which I listen to at 432 Hz  which aligns you with all of nature’s frequencies, and Gozo has been a major inspiration due its former cultural Heritage. However, most of my inspiration comes from mere experimentation.

Is the Goddess/Atlantis a recurrent theme?
Yes, as I’m fascinated with the ancient civilization that which built the Neolithic temples and their symbols found throughout history and anthropology, representing the goddess of fertility. I believe that one of the beauty’s of art is that even today an artist can regenerate a theology of Mother Earth from the pre-cataclysmic civilization from 12000 years ago.
How would you describe your style – Neo Expressionism?
I try to immerse the inner goddess of us all from within the mind at exceptionally high frequencies.

Despite being based in Gozo do you still manage to exhibit internationally?
Since moving to Gozo, I’ve exhibited multiple times in Paris, France and Licata in Italy, the latter of which was a focal location of the Malta Biennale, where I was acclaimed winner in 2013. Howbeit, I’ve also exhibited in Riga (Latvia) Basel (Switzerland) and most recently Miami (USA).
This year I plan to exhibit in Cannes, France and Windsor, England (Art Biennale UK).

Where did your last exhibition take place?
My last exhibition was held in Concept, Miami during Art Basel Week. Amongst my work during the same exhibition, there was artwork by Picasso, Lichtenstein (USA) and Pita Goras (Brazil). It was an exhilarating experience and a great success. Next time I cross the Atlantic, it will either be in Miami again or New York towards the end of the year.

Retro Futura is an interesting title. Is your next exhibition an amalgamation of the past and the future?
Retro in fact stands for retrospective, as I continue to look back at what our civilization would have wanted to be expressed as and perceive it on to my modern day canvas. Futura represents the lengths to which I see my art influencing the future.
Your work is very vibrant and colourful.

Can you please share with us a sneak peak at a few paintings you will be exhibiting at Le Meridien in Balluta?
See Labro Malta 2015

‘Retro Futura’ will include pianist Tricia Dawn Williams performing “The Forbidden” a piano composition by Maltese composer Ruben Zahra. Will she be performing during the VIP preview to be held on Friday 27 February 2015 or also on consecutive nights?
We will be having the performance only for the VIP preview on the 27th
As for VIP invitation please contact Claude Camilleri Curator of the Meridien claude.camilleri@me.com or 9946 1598

 ‘Retro Futura’ will be open for viewing at the Gallery, Le Meridien Hotel & Spa, Balluta Bay, St. Julian’s from Saturday the 28th February to Sunday 22nd March 2015. A VIP Preview will be held on Friday 27th February 2015.

“Labro’s vibrant, psychedelic style creates a visually mesmerising experience that inspires the mind and reaches deep within the emotion of the viewer.” – Sophie Dali

Labro Miami 2014


Labro’s vibrant frequencies colours for Concept Art Miami

2nd to 7th December 2014.

“Surreal, captivating and complex. The viewer is given an experience beyond the norm” ~ Sophie Dali

“Labro has a similar quality to Picasso, he creates the future and it is really exciting” ~ Dame Francois Tempra

“I tried to reach a new intensity in this experiment, to better enjoy the forms and symbolism that I feel and depict. Like magic, through the different frequencies of light I bring you to other vibrations; to another summit.” © Labro 2014

Labro Art Riga 2014 (european capital collection)

Labro Art Riga

Labro European Capital collection part of Labro Salsamia Collection presented @ Art Riga 2014

Labro listen to his instincts with total freedom, whether formal or technical, leading, perhaps unwittingly, to homogeneity in a single directly perceptible vibration and felt by the viewer. ~ Alain Groetzinger 2014

The HAPPY ART MUSEUM production group announces the first international contemporary art fair exhibition Art Riga that will took place on November 24-30 2014 in Riga. The new tradition set up this year with Riga being the 2014 European Capital opens opportunities for a long term future development.

Art Riga 2014

View Labro Art Riga 2014 Collection

Labro Art Riga 2014

Salsamia by Labro

Salsamia by Artist Labro

Summer Collection 2014

The Experimental Labro Artorium for Metaphysical Matters and Antimatters of Rafael Labro in a fusion of 3 light frequencies.


SALSAMIA accentuates through Labro’s keen eye the profound relationship between mankind, the earth and the universe that surrounds and watches over us represented by the ever serene, ever wise series of dreams become reality. ~ Sophie Dali 2014


“My new role as an artist is to place art in direct interaction with all areas of mankind forming society like the metaphysical abstract vision across the Universe is tracking the Great Mother Earth spirit’shadow in liquid hibernation.” ~ Labro 2014

Labro’s Artorium in the Gozo War Shelters are open everyday to the public from 10am ~ 4pm till the 17th August 2014

except Thursday 3rd July from 10am till 12 noon for more info please call +356 9985 5103 or +356 9946 1598



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