UV Body Painting ~ ABSOLUT. Labro UV Show

Bold, bright, captivating and psychedelic. Recognized by ABSOLUT. for his innovative body painting live show

Black Hole – Absolut Turn Tonight ElectrikWestin Dragonara, Malta. Friday 4 December Absolut. Labro Show Trailer
Posted by The Black Hole on Friday, 11 December 2015

Produced by The Black Hole
and created by UV Artist Rafael Labro
Absolut Turn Tonight Electrik
Westin Dragonara, Malta.
Posted by The Black Hole on Friday, 4 December 2015

From Petra Soler: ABSOLUT. Malta
Thank you for creating a very special experience for our guests:)

From Martin Peterson: Events by MArtin
Thank you all for attending this special event. It was a wild and somewhat psychedelic night thanks to the amazing Rafael Labro & The Black Hole!